Sending Your Child to College

Sending Your Child to College Book Cover

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Sending Your Child to College Book Cover

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When Marie Pinak Carr began tearfully sending her three daughters to college, she feared she would flunk her first tests as a college parent. By asking questions, getting organized and sharing responsibilities with her daughters, Carr eventually emerged an ace. In this book, the Washington, D.C., mom and Syracuse University alum presents what her family has learned ‘the hard way.

— Michele M. Melendez, Newhouse News Service

Includes checklists for getting started and continuing all the way to going to college.

— , The Counselor's Bookshelf, College Bound

Practical advice includes everything from shopping lists to general planning tips for parents to help their child make the most of these exciting years.

— , Boston University's E-Newsletter

Authors Marie Pinak Carr, Katharine Carr, Ann Carr and Elizabeth Carr provide a useful guide that targets parents who need assistance navigating the difficult transition from high school to college. Students, too, will benefit from this informative college manual….Checklists, Web sites and forms keep parents and students on track; and recording important dates in a yearly calendar is advisable when preparing for upcoming holidays and events.

— Karla Mass, McClatchy Interactive

…This book does the college-bound a wonderful service.

— S. Friedman,

A wonderful resource. If you have a child getting ready to go off to college, this book could be your new best friend.

Written by a woman who sent her three daughters off to college, it is full of her wisdom and experience. It is a handbook loaded with helpful checklists, ideas, and thoughts, covering just about every aspect you’ll encounter….

I highly recommend this book, if you’re worried about covering all the bases!

— Mia,

My family will not take this journey alone again. We will have the experience of Marie Carr and her daughters leading us and our three remaining daughters thru the door.

— Daniella Drake,