Sending Your Child to College

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Sending Your Child to College Book Cover

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Don’t Get Locked Out of Insurance

While your student is busy finishing their high school courses and preparing for that last set of high school and AP exams, parents should start gathering all of the child’s medical information in one place and book a doctor’s appointment. Most colleges require incoming freshman to send in a recent physical examination before school starts along with the physician’s record of vaccinations and immunizations.  This is also an excellent time for parents to call their health care insurance agents and determine:

  1. Does your current health insurance policy cover a child away at college?  It is extremely important that parents verify insurance coverage for a child’s medical care away from the home area and in the state that the child will be living as a student.
  2. If you insurance policy does cover a child living away at college, ask for a separate insurance card in the child’s name or a letter stating that you have coverage. Many states now have laws that require all full time students to have medical insurance. You’ll need this documentation to opt out of any insurance coverage fees that some colleges automatically assess on tuition bills.
  3. If you have a prescription plan within your insurance coverage, inquire if out of state prescriptions are accepted.  If not, you may need to arrange to have the drugs ordered online from a reliable website or be referred to a local physician.

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